News - Notices


Shefford Community Hall Government Guidelines.

Hirers must manage those that attend their class to minimise Covid transmission by following the list below -

* Hand washing and sanitising.

* Good ventilation to reduce the risk of transmission.

* Encourage sensible social distancing of 2 metres with a maximum of 25 persons                    permitted in the hall. 

*  The kitchen area may be used if the hirer has informed the Booking Officer. Only one       person is allowed in the kitchen area at any one time and face covering must be worn.

* The hall is cleaned and sanitized before you arrive but you are responsible for cleaning      of all touchpoints, such as door and cupboard handles.

*  Face coverings must be worn in the hall at all times unless an established group                     or indivual exemption  applies. A group exemption might arise, for example, in an               activity where face  covering could hamper breathing or become wet (rendering

    them ineffective). Face coverings must be worn in confined spaces such as 

    the  kitchen or toilets. At then end of our activity all used face coverings must be taken      away  from the premises to be safely disposed of our laundered.

*  Inform the booking officer the amount of tables and chairs required. 

* Hirers should ensure anyone attending have no symptoms or have come from a                    household where someone has had symptoms.

     We will continue to follow all relevant guidance to ensure that everyone using or                 working in the Hall remain safe.

The Hall will retain the following notices -

* The 'Test & Trace QR' poster will remain in place.

*  Posters showing guidance on prevention of Covid transmission.

*  We will continue to maintain Covid cleaning routines until advice indicates it is no             longer required.